Hey. Let me start by saying thanks. This is a very nice guide. Well structured.

There are a few errors here and there, so in case you want to fix them, here it goes:

- 51: labels must be key=value. With that white space, you'll get a daemon error

- 70: ...and -P as well

- 93: maybe you should add <args> after the command, since `docker image prune` alone does not remove unused images, but only dangling ones

- 111: this one is wrong. it is in $HOME/.docker/config.json...

- 170: this is false. If you lose quorum, you can still recover by reviving the lost nodes. With DTR you can do this with an emergency-repair. Recovering from a backup is only needed in extreme cases

- 174: typo on network

- 202: well, the question seems to have a syntax typo of some sort, but still, I believe the answer here is "overlay"

- 213: "docker trust key generate"

- 231: "loop-lvm"

;) thanks for the guide again

I'm a Docker certified Software Architect and Project Manager, ex-CERN engineer, with 8+ years of experience on Cloud and Edge computing.

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